Painting Mistakes Made By Common People

Common Painting Mistakes and Their Solutions

Painting Mistakes

Every year painting stands out as the number one home improvement undertaken by the average home owner. By no surprise, with house painting being the number one improvement… Painting Mistakes are the #1 failure when it comes to these types of DIY Home Improvements

While no one can tell us what shade of paint will be perfect for our homes, there are some common mistakes to know about before you start painting. Read this list now, before making a mistake later:

Painting Mistake #1

I’m done painting the room and I hate the color. What do I do now?

  • This is probably everybody’s worst nightmare, which is why paint manufacturers provide many tools to help homeowners see the color and results before you actually paint the room. The color you love at the store may not be perfect in your home. Lighting, furniture, flooring, sunlight and sheen impact how a shade actually looks in your space. Paint manufacturers provide testers and quart sizes with the actual paint and oversized color chips so you can see the shade in your home environment before you buy enough paint for the entire room. Test the color or a variety of colors to make sure you like the final results.

Painting Mistake #2

I’m done painting and my wall still has gaps and holes in it. Why didn’t the paint cover everything up?

  • The paint didn’t cover it up because it’s not designed to do so. Paint provides color and sometimes texture, but most paints are not designed to fill holes too. In fact, oftentimes rough spots or gaps in a wall are even more noticeable after a new coat of paint is applied. Patch holes with drywall compound and sand them out to ensure a clean, smooth surface. If you’ve already painted the walls, you’ll have to do some touch-up work after patching the holes, but the results will look much better.

Painting Mistake #3

I keep getting dirt on my brush and roller. What am I doing wrong?

  • Stop what you’re doing and clean the paint surface. Surface preparation is a key part of painting. Use water with a mild detergent and a good sponge to clean the surface first. You need to remove any dirt, pet hair, debris or dust from the painting surface before you paint. This might include scraping off old paint on windowsills or along baseboards if the paint is cracked and flaking. A smooth and clean surface is key to a professional-looking painting project.

Painting Mistake #4

My painting tape won’t come off easily or cleanly. What can I do?

  • First, be sure you’re using the right painting tape for your surface, and then carefully remove the tape at an angle. You should remove the painting tape while the paint is still drying and reapply the tape if you need to paint multiple coats. If your tape doesn’t come off cleanly, take a razor blade and slowly and carefully cut the seal between the paint and tape. You may need to use window cleaner or a citrus-based cleaner to remove any residue.

Heeding these tips will save you boatloads of time, money, frustration and hassle in the long run with your next home improvement project involving painting and avoiding those every so cumbersome painting mistakes.
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