Christopher Ortolani started working in the construction industry as a teenager for his father Luigi, a general contractor in Lowell, MA. After many years of service and with the passing of his father, Chris decided to focus his work and pursue the niche market of the painting service industry in 1991 with the establishment of Ortolani and Sons Painting. Chris quickly learned the importance of building lasting relationships with his customers through offering impeccable service and work that displayed his commitment to quality as a painter and his integrity as a service provider.

Over the years Chris has made it a point to show the same great dedication to his sons in whom he has always instilled his values of honesty and integrity. Robert Ortolani, his youngest son, has worked side by side with Chris since his 2012 graduation from the University of Massachusetts Lowell through which he earned his bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship. Robert has demonstrated an undying commitment to professionalism in his work through his attention to detail. Additionally, he has taken it upon himself to perfect his fine wood working skills in order to provide our customers with further services to meet their needs and ensure their satisfaction. On numerous occasions customers have needed custom doors for cabinets and closets, shelves, mantels, etc. that through his diligent dedication to wood working we are now able to offer as an additional service to our customers may the need arise.

Christopher also instilled these values in his eldest son Matthew so much so that he has gone on to become an entrepreneur and small business owner of his own. However, Matthew remains a valued member of the business team here at Ortolani and Sons providing expert service and advice in all areas of the business. As a family owned and operated business our stellar reputation is of the utmost importance. Therefore, we take pride in all of the work we provide ensuring it is of the highest quality and exceeds industry standards to guarantee not only it will stand the test of time but also to certify that our reputation is well warranted.