Chris offers a unique dedication to all his customers’ satisfaction. The most notable of his efforts is often his distinguishing of unforeseen issues that his years of experience have made him an expert in locating throughout and around any house. As he has experience in all of the construction trades, Chris is always sure to address any concerns he may have and happily offer advice, recommendations and the most cost effective solutions which he is often able to provide. For instance, as he performs an estimate, Chris typically spots concern areas including but not limited to issues with windows, doors, masonry, gutters, roofing, leaks, ice damming, mold and mildew, rot and decay, and peeling or bubbling paint.

All of this is to not only build relationships with our clients but also to secure them as lifetime customers who will spread the word of his impeccable service. Chris always leaves his customers with the same advice, “If you have any questions or concerns about anything, anything at all, call me.”

Please feel free to call for an estimate and Chris will be happy to guide you on an eye opening walk around your house using all of his expertise to make you aware of everything you need to know concerning your home. The estimate is free so why not take advantage of this great learning opportunity.